Acid Reflux Cure

Acid reflux is a chronic condition and does not simply go away. There also isn’t any cure, by definition, for acid reflux. The most effective is usually long term medical and lifestyle changes. This helps relieve the symptoms for the majority of people. Some of these treatment options can include medications, lifestyle changes, surgery, and even a combination of the above.

What can be done for occasional heartburn?

If you experience heartburn once in a while there are several options. Many people have found the use of over-the-counter medicines and making lifestyle changes to work well.

Avoid eating fatty and spicy foods; and drinking beverages such as coffee and alcohol. These may contribute to heartburn.

Stop smoking.

Try losing some weight. This is easier said than done. But is the most effective to reduce heartburn.

Stop eating three or four hours before sleep. This will slow down your digestive system and produce less stomach acid.

But not everyone experiences occasional heartburn. For those of us with serious conditions a treatment program can be very difficult to perfect.

There is no cure for acid reflux. There is only management of the symptoms. And there are two methods to managing the symptoms.

  1. You mask the symptoms with prescription medications – which reduce the production of stomach acid within the stomach. Most prescription or over-the-counter acid reflux medications are safe. But if you are using them for years, you are slowing down the production of stomach acid. This is a natural occurrence and is needed for food digestion.
  2. Reduce your symptoms by working on the cause of your symptoms. The main cause of acid reflux is actually the digestive system. When food is being digested and either is fatty, spicy, or there’s a lot of it: the stomach will produce more acid. Additionally the amount of food in the stomach puts pressure on the LES; which allows the stomach acid to flow into the esophagus.

Discussing how to manage the cause of acid reflux is too much for this article. But there are articles on this website and online aimed at each type of management. One way of managing, is regulating the pH of stomach acid. One of the methods is by using various herbal treatments. Many writers on this website have written about their experience with these “cures”. The first step is to drink lots of water, watch what you are eating, and try to exercise at least 1 time per day.

No matter what treatment you go with; you should consult your doctor before starting it. And don’t try them all at once.

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