Aloe Acid Reflux

Aloe has been shown to be helpful with reducing the symptoms associated with acid reflux. There are two methods to take aloe for the treatment of acid reflux; one is the aloe Vera latex capsules. Another option is the liquid aloe Vera juice.

Most people start with aloe Vera capsules, because of the ease-of-use. You start by taking a capsule of aloe Vera two to three times daily with a full glass of water. You can experiment with taking aloe Vera on an empty stomach or after a full meal. Either way it should work, but some people report discomfort if on an empty stomach.

It should also be noted that some people notice laxative like effects when drinking aloe Vera juice. This does not occur for everyone, but it should be noted that aloe Vera can act as laxative.

If you’ve decided to try the aloe Vera juice, you can reduce the taste by mixing it with a non-acidic juice such as grape, and Apple. This is a particularly good option when trying to give this treatment to a child.

If you have damage from past acid reflux symptoms, such as esophageal damage, aloe Vera juice can help without as well. Drinking aloe Vera juice has been shown to actually help fix some of the erosion caused by stomach acid.

Even if you take a supplement such as aloe Vera you should try to control your diet. Avoiding foods with high acid content, fatty foods, huge meals, certain vegetables, alcohol, and even dairy, will help reduce reflux even more.

Before you try aloe Vera latex pills or aloe Vera juice; you should consult with your physician. Your doctor may even recommend aloe Vera juice for repairing any past damage.

As always you can comment and join in on the discussion. Did aloe Vera juice work for you? Did it work alone or did you need to add other supplements? This information will help other researchers in their quest for reducing acid reflux symptoms naturally.

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