Does Ginger Work?

Candied Ginger is one of the methods which has been floating around the Internet for ages. Supposedly if you chew a piece of candied ginger when you are feeling acid reflux about to kick in, this will reduce the symptoms. Many people promote this as an instant cure. In reality ginger works with the same principle as all other natural remedies for acid reflux.

Ginger helps regulate the pH of the stomach acid. This helps food digest without creating extra acid. This helps reduce the strain on the lower esophageal sphincter. So this remedy works with the same principle as many other so-called “cures” utilize.

I’m a guest writer but I read this website almost daily, and a common theme here is getting control of your digestive system. This really is the most important part.

Luckily if you don’t want to have to go on a very restrictive diet there are alternatives. Candied Ginger is one of those cures which are used with something else like Aloe or similar treatment.

When I started looking for natural remedies I wanted something that would replace my pills. But the truth is a natural supplement might be doing the same thing as those pills.

Here’s a basic breakdown of natural treatment versus prescriptions:

  • A natural acid reflux treatment means regulating the PH of stomach acid thus helping with digestion.
  • A prescription medication usually reduces the levels of acid reflux but does not help regulate the digestive system.

Our doctors will tell us to exercise and eat right, and this is very important. But I found that sometimes after months of dieting you want a little treat, maybe a taco or piece of steak.

Before I break my oath and eat something I shouldn’t, I cook up a cup of Ginger tea. It’s not bad tasting and 1-2 cups before a naughty meal helps me a lot.

During my mission to reduce my symptoms I noticed a lot of scammers and fakes. And now; I decided to sign up on and make a guest post about my story.

In future posts I will cover the many different diets I tried, what worked and what didn’t.


Disclaimer: Mitch Prensky is in no way affiliated with other than being a reader. He wanted to share his experience with various treatment options, what worked, and what didn’t. His views are not necessarily the views of Seek the attention of a medical physician before starting any treatment plan.

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