Naturopathic Diet: Changing your habits to reduce symptoms

Fresh VeggiesDepending on your individual situation a physician may have recommended a change of diet. For some people a diet change will help reduce the symptoms they experience. However many cases of Reflux related diseases can be caused by bacteria within the stomach acid or a condition requiring surgery. This post is my personal opinion of the Diet and you should always talk with a doctor before trying a new diet. When I first switched to the Naturopathic Diet I started slow by mainly cutting out the processed foods, any sugary drinks and fatty foods. When I still experienced symptoms I downloaded the Heartburn No More program. I printed out the supplement overview and brought it in with my doctor to hear their opinion. I find an all natural diet to help reduce my heartburn symptoms but everyone is different. It’s best to visit your doctor and tell them your ideas and what you’ve read. There isn’t a super easy acid reflux cure and the fast acting pills simply mask the symptoms. A diet helps your body regulate digestion and prevent heartburn naturally.

In General a Naturopathic Diet consists of a combination of 50% Vegetables, 25% Whole Grain and 25% protein, using organic products. The main idea of the Naturopathic Diet is any food which is not natural poisons the body. Many people with food sensitivities, high cholesterol, immune disorders or any similar condition can be helped by the diet. For Acid Reflux in particular it’s best to talk to your physician. Many doctors may recommend starting your diet by cutting out high fat food, spicy food, and sugary carbonated beverages. It might not be best to simply start the diet overnight, it is a big change. And in some cases it may not be necessary.

While on the Diet Plan you should not eat processed foods or food high in sugar or salt. It is a way of going back to how humans ate before the creation of mass produced sugary fat filled food. Food usually found in a naturopathic diet include raw vegetables which should be organic and seasonal; as well as meat from animals which are hormone, pesticide, and antibiotic-free. The Naturopathic Diet promotes eating Raw vegetables, no canned veggies. All vegetables / fruit should be Organically grown without pesticides and chemicals, and grown in soil rich with nutrients. Not everyone can afford that kind of lifestyle, organic produce can be expensive. Starting a garden is a great option if you believe in organic produce. For those unable to put this much time and effort into a diet, at least try eating healthier food to control your symptoms.

The Naturopathic Diet consists of a mix of Protein, Complex Carbs, Healthy Fat, Water, Vitamins and Minerals. Many believe this more natural diet helps make enzymes, hormones, and build the immune system. Additionally it removes many toxins from your body which might be caused by an unhealthy diet.

The Naturopathic Diet has helped me live a normal acid reflux free life, and I have also lost weight. This is all just my opinion and you should seek the advice of a medical professional before starting a diet.

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